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Australia's Backyard Killers


Australia's Backyard Killers

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Lurking in backyards across Australia are a range of creatures that could kill...from deadly snakes and spiders to bees and even crocodiles that manage to invade some properties. In Australia's Backyard Killers, producer Greg Grainger shows that wild and dangerous creatures are finding their way into suburban Australian homes, to the horror of the occupants. There s the deadly Sydney Funnel Web spider, shown crawling through a basket of washing and into a child s shoe. While the spider is removed by a very personable expert, a hospital emergency chief outlines the dangers, before the spider s venom was extracted to save bite victims in the future. Other spiders shown include an infestation of mouse spiders and an invasion by redback spiders. Snakes feature with a small but deadly Gwarda found in a suburban swimming pool, paralyzing the man who retrieved it. Other snakes are recovered in dramatic operations from kitchen cupboards, washing machines and back verandahs. Then there are the bee swarms which paralyze victims, and the discovery of killer saltwater crocodiles trapped in backyard fencing and the local suburban swimming pool.

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